Leo’s Tutorials

“Leo should either replace or greatly augment the development tools that I use.”—Zak Greant

“Leo is a quantum leap for me in terms of how many projects I can manage and how much information I can find and organize and store in a useful way.”—Dan Winkler

Leo looks like other outlining programs, but it is not. This tutorial will get you using Leo quickly, acquainting you with its unique features in one or two hours. It has five parts.

The first three parts are for all users. They will take about an hour to complete. Part one introduces Leo’s basic operations for creating and changing outlines. Part two tells how to use Leo as a Personal Information Manager. Part three tells how to create HTML, PDF, LaTeX and other documents.

The last two parts are for computer programmers; they assume some familiarity with Python programming. They will take another hour to complete. Part four tells how to create external files (files on your file system) from Leo outlines. Part five tells how to write Leo scripts, Python scripts run from any Leo node.