Videos about Leo

This page links to videos about Leo. Important notes:

  • Videos hosted at look a bit clearer than YouTube videos,
    but they may not always be available due to bandwidth limits.
  • viewers: click the “Full Size” button.
  • YouTube viewers: select top quality in the video settings.
    YouTube videos typically become clearer after a few seconds.

Potential screencasters: please read these tips for screencast authors.

Level Title Screencast YouTube
Intro A Brief Introduction to Leo hi-res regular
Intro Leo for Programmers hi-res regular
Intro Ville Vianio introduces Leo   regular
Basic Using Leo’s Find pane hi-res regular
Basic Using Leo’s minibuffer hi-res regular
Intermediate Using abbreviations   regular
Intermediate Using clones to speed your work flow hi-res regular
Plugin Terry Brown demos   regular
Plugin Fidel Perez demos   regular
Plugin   regular