Downloading Leo

We recommend using git to download Leo. Using git gives you the latest, thoroughly tested code. With git, you can review all the new features and update when you decide. Git also makes it easy to revert to previous versions when problems arise.

  • To install using git, follow the instructions at Installing Leo with git.
  • If you prefer a new development version, or a version from from 1, 2, 5, 10, 30 or 90 days ago, download a Nightly snapshot.
  • If you want a stable release download from SourceForge. Remember that it won’t have the latest features and bug fixes.


.zip snapshots can be downloaded directly from GitHub. No account is required. The downloaded file will have a name like:

where the 50c0...cad5 part is the ID or fingerprint of the version you’ve downloaded. Except “Latest”, which is just

Here are some direct download links: